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Sunder Architects is a dynamic practice with a diverse range of projects in its portfolio. Led by Ms Swati Sunder, the practice approaches each new project with excitement at the opportunity to make a difference. Each project represents an opportunity not only to boost the economic value for the owners, but also to create a vibrant spatial experience for the users and for the communities it will form a part of.  We work in close partnership with our clients, with the aim to transform commonplace spaces into inspiring and aspirational environments. Every project, irrespective of scale, is a source of pride for us.





At Sunder Architects, we believe that architecture does not exist in isolation. A design succeeds when it binds the creative vision of the designer with the aspirations of the client, while being mindful of the functionality of the various building elements. Our philosophy begins with a commitment to outstanding service and providing solutions unique to each client's needs, and effective communication is the cornerstone of our design approach.


As each project comes with its own constraints, we approach each design with no preconceptions. Our aim is to provide a solution that reflects the personality of the client or the company's brand, and which melds seamlessly into the fabric of the built environment. However, we do aim to instill spaces with certain principles that we hold dear - namely, abundant use of natural light, bridging of indoor and outdoor spaces, and energy-conscious design.


Sunder Architects has a passion for incorporating sustainable building materials and practices in our projects. We believe that the best sustainable design does not require any compromises on the part of the occupant of the space, but integrates seamlessly into and improves the quality of their daily life. We are committed to exploring creative green designs and assimilating it wherever possible.

Smart House Extension

With such a sharp increase in the domestic house extention market, we have created a separate brand name to cater for it.


Smart House Extension are Cardiff's premier kitchen & house extension specialist. We specialise in a wide variety of bespoke home improvement projects; designed to expand your space and breathe new life into your home, inside and out. Please visit our website for more details.


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  • Swati Sunder


  • Jovita
    Architect (Overseas Registered)


  • Ola
    Architect (Overseas Registered)


  • Prateek
    Creatives & CGI


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    Senior Technician


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    Graphics & Creatives